Sunday, January 4

Wild Card Weekend

Because I love pro football, I've been excited about watching all the games this weekend, no matter that the Steelers are not playing. I meant to write about it yesterday and share my picks, but I never got around to it. So I'll do it now even though two of the games have already been played. I ended up 0 for 2 yesterday. (And my picks are based on who I think will win, not on who I want to win.)

Atlanta Falcons at Arizona Cardinals

My pick - the Falcons. Who actually won - the Cardinals. I really did think the Falcons would dominate this game and they basically choked, particularly in the second half. I don't have strong feelings about either team, but I would have liked to see the Falcons win. I prefer them to the Cardinals. I guess I do have to give ex-Steelers Ken Whisenhunt props for turning his team around in his second year of coaching. But I really can't see the Cardinals getting past the next round.

Indianapolis Colts at San Diego Chargers

My pick - the Colts. Who actually won - the Chargers. I was really torn about who I actually wanted to win in this game. I'm a fan of Peyton, but I wasn't sure I really wanted to face the Colts again. I found myself rooting for the Chargers throughout the game, but honestly, I don't know that I want to face them either. They're looking pretty good. But we beat them in regular season and we have a much stronger defense, so if it comes to playing them, I think we'll be okay. Especially since it will be at Pittsburgh. That Darren Sproles though. Man, he is GOOD. And he must be stopped if we end up playing them.

The game this morning is really the big game for us since it will decide our fate. If Miami wins, we play them next weekend. If the Ravens win, we'll play the Chargers.

Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins.

My pick - the Ravens. Now obviously I do not actually want the Ravens to win, but I think they are the dominant team. They are one of our biggest rivals, perhaps our biggest rival this season, and I'd really like to see them lose. No matter that we beat them twice in regular season, I'd rather not face them in the AFC Championship game. As for Miami, I don't think they'll be an easy win if we play them, but I do think we'd be the more dominant team in that game. I'm hoping that since I was 0 for 2 yesterday, that I'm wrong about this one too!

Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings

My pick - the Eagles. I think I'd rather see the Vikings win though. This game interests me the least of all the wild card games, but I'm not really a fan of the Eagles so I wouldn't mind seeing them get beat.

So there you go. We'll see what happens.

I was surprised that both the Cardinals and the Vikings had trouble selling out their stadiums. The NFL had to extend the time they have to sell tickets in order to avoid black outs of the game in those areas. I mean, it's first time the Cardinals have been in the play-offs in forever, you would think the fans would be ready to cough up the cash for the game. And I thought Minnesota was big on football. I am guessing it is in part due to the state of the economy and the high price of play-off tickets. But still, that would *never* happen in Pittsburgh. And in fact, if the Steelers had to travel to either of those places, I imagine the games would have sold out easily as Steelers fans go everywhere.

Lastly, I also was excited about this football weekend because it gives me time to knit all day too! I never knit during Steelers games, but other games, yes. I am almost done with my Shalom Cardigan. All I have to do is bind off the stitches and block it and then, my first piece of clothing that isn't a hat or scarf! Yes!

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