Monday, July 27


Mislabeled plants at the nursery led to having mostly yellow echinacea in the garden.

I spent most of last week knitting. I'm trying out different cable patterns for my handbags. Hopefully the felting goes well!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, July 8


My day.

In case you missed my adventures with ladder climbing and animal rescuing, here's the story.

I'm feeling okay today. The shock has finally worn off. Last night while laying in bed, I kept thinking about all the much, much worse things that could have happened when I fell and it gave me the willies. Big time. I'm really lucky I didn't hurt Rocky while I was trying to rescue him. That would have probably made me feel worse than my own injuries.

The scrape, or rather, the tree rash on my face is not pretty. But there doesn't seem to be anymore bruising. I was a little worried I might wake up with a black and blue face. But no, just red and purple like yesterday. My jaw area is nice and swollen though. Hence, the ice every few hours. I have chipmunk cheek on one side.

This morning I did find a lot more bruises. I don't know how I hit some many different parts of my body. It's weird how our minds block out the details of an accident. One minute I was up, the next minute I was hanging over the fence and I have no idea how it happened. We were looking at the scene of the accident this afternoon and decided that had I not hit my face on the tree, I might have flipped over the fence which probably would have been worse. Of course if the tree hadn't been there, I never would have been climbing in the first place. These things just don't matter, do they?

I didn't really think I needed a doctor, but I ended up going this morning anyway. I decided that an infection on my face would not be a good thing. Nor some sort of retroactive jaw issue. The doctor did actually check my jaw and neck and found everything to be reasonably okay. My jaw is really sore, like I've been chewing gum for way too long, but it doesn't *hurt*, if that makes sense. And he gave me a topical antibiotic ointment for my face wound. He also told me that Neosporin is worthless, meanwhile my nurse friend told me it would work just fine. (Nurse friend should really move to Santa Fe so I can just go see her about these things!) Nonetheless I doled out the forty bucks for the prescription. Here's hoping it kicks in soon.

We also got our new refrigerator today. It's a vast improvement over our ancient one. I can't wait to pack it with all my Polaroid film!

Monday, July 6

This and that.


Hope everyone had a fun holiday weekend. We had a nice time with friends over on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. Lots of rain which was nice. It cooled things off some and cheered up the garden. It's been threatening to rain today, but so far nothing more than a few drops.

I wore myself out today working in the yard. I pulled weeds for a few hours and then started working on the flagstone in the side yard. We added a bunch of pieces and so none of the path is even. The new pieces need to be dug in. I keep tripping over the high stones and it drives me crazy so today I finally dove into fixing it up. Good lord, it is hard work. I got halfway through before the thunder started and I called it a day. Hopefully I can finish it up tomorrow. I also need to tackle the weeds in the back yard.

This whole week is pretty much about cleaning things up, inside and out. Our friends from Pittsburgh arrive on Friday night and well, I am sure they don't care if there is a little dirt in the house, but it's in my blood to make sure the house is clean before visitors. So slowly but surely I am going to get the cleaning done throughout the week. Of course by Friday we'll have tracked in more dirt and the cats will have shed more fur everywhere, but oh well. Things should be relatively clean. Okay, yes, anal.

We're super excited about having visitors. From Pittsburgh! Our very first Pittsburgh visitors. We've planned a few things but mostly I guess we'll just play it by ear and feel out what everyone wants to do. I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

So that's what is happening around here. Now back to my knitting and watching of crap television.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, July 1

So tempted

to go see Judas Priest in August when they play here. I mean, good god, look at that place. But concerts are so expensive these days, ticket prices range from $45 to $65. That just seems like so much. I'm still stuck in the 1980's when big concerts were $15 to $25. Now that seems more reasonable.

But that amphitheater..!