Wednesday, July 1

So tempted

to go see Judas Priest in August when they play here. I mean, good god, look at that place. But concerts are so expensive these days, ticket prices range from $45 to $65. That just seems like so much. I'm still stuck in the 1980's when big concerts were $15 to $25. Now that seems more reasonable.

But that amphitheater..!

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  1. It will totally be worth it.
    British Steel, dude. Plus Whitesnake.
    Still not sure if we can go to Cleveland to see them or not (rebby's schedule is whack these days....she might be in Dallas for the Alice Cooper show I already bought tickets for in August....grr.)
    Just do it! That's what, one week of groceries from Whole foods? You can save it up by eating veggies out of your garden! :) xoxo


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