Monday, June 29

This is just so heartbreaking.

Four Santa Fe teens killed in wrong-way collision; suspected drunk driver charged.

This takes me back to the end of the summer before my sophomore year when a car of four teenagers was hit on Cerrillios Road by a drunk driver. Three girls and one boy. The three girls went to my high school and two were cheerleaders as was I at the time so I knew them. In fact, one of them had just made the JV squad and she was so excited about it. I had seen her quite often during the summer at practices. The three girls all died and I remember so well the shock and grief, such a tragic way to start the school year. And so hard to absorb the loss. I can only imagine how the family and friends of these four kids must feel.

These wrong-way accidents happen far too often in this area. And they are usually alcohol related.

Just so, so sad.

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  1. A couple of kids are out making a cross/flower monument as we speak.


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