Monday, June 15

I love my garden. Oh yes I do.

Everything is growing quite nicely this year, it's very exciting. All the starter plants and flowers are getting bigger and bigger and the seeds are coming up. I can't wait to have tall sunflowers all along the fence. Granted I am not a big fan of pulling weeds and sometimes I am not in the mood to water, but it's all worth it in the end.

The zinnias are coming along nicely.
Have I mentioned that I love zinnias? I think so.

Garden greens.
Cabbage! And lettuce! Makes me think about Peter Rabbit.

Today we've been inside painting. Fun! Not really. I don't like to paint. At all. And even the smallest bits take me forever to finish. But I am doing it anyway. Thankfully my husband is an expert painter and willingly did the ceiling and the trim for me. So all I have are the easy parts.

So far the new color is a bit shocking to me. I was going to go with the bluer "Reflecting Pool" and then at the last minute decided that the lighter "Spa" would be better. And I am glad I did because the light color suddenly looks so much darker than the sample area that I did. But I think when it's all done, it'll look good.

Oh and our new couch is in! It's being delivered tomorrow afternoon. We are so excited. Of course it means we need to find a new area rug and throw pillows, but that's okay. We'll work it out. I'm just happy that all the house stuff we've talked about is slowly but surely coming together.

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  1. You’re zinnias are so cute! Well, I’m not a fan of weeding and watering, but I do that when I need a quiet time with myself. I grow rare flowers because I want to challenge myself to make them bloom. Of course, this is not without some help from a landscape designer friend. :)


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