Wednesday, June 17


We passed the downtown Hilton on the way home from the post office a few hours ago. Two enormous tour buses were parked in front of the hotel and we saw a guy wearing a t-shirt that said "Wilco Tour Crew 2009".

Our eyes lit up. Wilco? In Santa Fe? No way. No place big enough here. A secret show? Maybe just spending the night between shows? That makes no sense. Santa Fe isn't exactly a convenient stop off between big cities.

Then we started wondering where Wilco would go in Santa Fe. Margaritas at the Cowgirl? And dinner? There are so many good restaurants in Santa Fe. Where do indie rock bands go?

Of course Wilco is not in town. We looked up the tour dates and they are in El Paso tonight. But someone is in town with two big tour buses. Checked the Santa Fe Brewing Company calendar. Open mic night. Nope. Checked the Santa Fe Reporter which has worthless online listings for live music. The Lensic? There we go. David Byrne is playing a sold out show tonight. Wish we had known, maybe we would have gone. (Though probably not since ticket prices started at $42.)

At any rate, it was kind of exciting to spend a few minutes thinking about Wilco being in Santa Fe and where they might go.

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