Monday, June 8

All's well that ends well.

We had a stressful morning, but Rocky is okay. We had to sit at the vet for about 45 minutes before we even got called into an examining room. That was not fun. I was in anxiety mode and Rocky was in pain. The vet couldn't tell anything from examining him so I had to leave him there for x-rays. (I suspected this would be the case.) I came home and fretted for over an hour before I finally got the call.

They couldn't find anything wrong with him. Excellent news! No fractures, no hip out of socket and no puncture wounds. (I need to keep an eye on him though because his fur could be hiding a puncture, but I don't think he has one. He usually bleeds when he does.) The vet said he must just be really bruised and sore. So he is on pain meds once again and has to stay in for at least a few days if not longer. Once I got him home, he already seemed better. He wasn't favoring his right hind leg so much and just wanted to eat. Who knows, maybe he has a thing for pain meds! Heh.

So all is fine, it was just a stressful morning and sort of changed the course of the day. Hopefully tomorrow I am a bit more productive. I'm just happy to have my boy back at home.


  1. thanks leila!

    today he is just about back to normal. makes me think i could have waited it out and avoided the $250 vet bill. but no, i always panic immediately. oh well, he's worth it. :)


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