Tuesday, September 28

Forty isn't so bad.


Actually, it's pretty awesome!

Check out this week's Words To Shoot By. The word is Self and all my selfies were taken on my 40th birthday while we were in Palm Springs.

Sunday, September 19


I really like this photo because it reminds me of the sheer joy that I felt on our vacation (even with poor sleep).

I was just so excited the whole time.

Excited to be on vacation
with my wonderful husband.

Excited about my birthday and yes, turning forty!

Excited about meeting random folks in The Amigo Room.

Excited about taking polaroids "in the field" and not just at home.

Just excited about life.

It was awesome.

Thursday, September 16



Taken at Bombay Beach. I really love all the shots I got with my expired Polaroid ID-UV film. They all have the same sort of blue swirly sky.

I still plan to write my usual long-winded travelogue about the trip, I just haven't had time. Things have been a bit hard and crazy since our return. I'm still trying to catch up on things (although sometimes I don't even know what I am catching up on).

And, well, I haven't been sleeping.

What a shocker, I know.

I soldiered through vacation on bad sleep and we had a great time. But now it's catching up with me and I'm feeling pretty low.

It'll pass, right?

Thursday, September 9

Back home.

Somewhere in Arizona.

It's always good to get back home, but at the same time, I miss being on the road.

I love staring out the car window, mesmerized by the landscapes and the changes that come with each new highway.

We had a wonderful trip and I had one of my best birthdays ever. It was all really mellow. Really, really mellow.

And then, arriving back home, it abruptly stopped being vacation. Not because of any one thing, but it was a very clear-cut vacation is over kind of feeling. Sometimes we get home and sort of drift back into reality, but not this time. One minute it was vacation, the next it was not.

Not a bad thing...just...abrupt.

I have lots of photos to share and stories to tell, but they will be slow coming as I have many other things to do as well.

Is it really already Thursday?