Monday, March 28


My interpretation of the latest Words To Shoot By. The little photo shoot I had with myself was a bit of a fiasco, but in the end, I am quite pleased with the results. My perfectionist self would have loved to correct the composition of the top and bottom photos, but being that I only have one more pack of The Impossible Project's PZ600 film, I didn't want to "waste" it on more shots of myself. And composition aside, I absolutely love the tones of this film. Finally it worked for me!

And for the record, I am quite happy at the moment. While March has been a difficult month for me, there have been some turning points and I am feeling good. This really was an actual photo shoot idea versus the reality of mood. (In case you were worried.)

I am hoping to once again have time for this little blog, but due to the various rough patches of March, I am feeling quite behind on my work and the garden. So I probably should spend less time online. (Says she who checks FB and Twitter obsessively.)

A happy week to you all. I hope to have some rock show Polas for you later in the week!

Sunday, March 27

My new camel friend.

My parents-in-law recently returned from a trip to Israel and Jordan. This is one of the gifts that they sent to us. I love it!

Also, I am absolutely dying to try out this film.

Thursday, March 24

One day I will write again.

I promise.

In the meantime...

Monday, March 7

A little sweetness.

I'm in a bit of "a mood" this morning so I thought a sweet pola of Rocky might turn things around. He always makes me smile.

Today I have lots of work to do, but later we are going out to dinner with friends. Looking forward to it. It's Restaurant Week in Santa Fe so there are some great deals out there. We're going to Dinner for Two, a little place in our neighborhood that we've never tried before. So it's going to be dinner for four at Dinner for Two!

Friday, March 4


Where did this week go? Hope to have time to catch up with you soon!

Have a wonderful weekend. xo