Thursday, September 16



Taken at Bombay Beach. I really love all the shots I got with my expired Polaroid ID-UV film. They all have the same sort of blue swirly sky.

I still plan to write my usual long-winded travelogue about the trip, I just haven't had time. Things have been a bit hard and crazy since our return. I'm still trying to catch up on things (although sometimes I don't even know what I am catching up on).

And, well, I haven't been sleeping.

What a shocker, I know.

I soldiered through vacation on bad sleep and we had a great time. But now it's catching up with me and I'm feeling pretty low.

It'll pass, right?


  1. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Those ID-UV photos you've taken are just gorgeous! I love the colours!

  2. i love this photo!

    i haven't been sleeping well either. have you tried forcing yourself to read? it was working for me but not for very long.

    i hope it will pass soon!


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