Saturday, June 13

Pittsburgh, The City of Champions!

Seriously! First the SuperBowl, now the Stanley Cup. It's totally awesome and I love it. I bet there are lots of happy folks in Pittsburgh today.

And I have to say, I really enjoyed watching all the games. Granted hockey gives me high blood pressure and sometimes I feel like I am going blind because I can't quite see where the fast moving puck is, but still, it was fun. And so many great players! Simon can't decide if he wants to change his name to Sidney, Maxime or Malkin.

Congratulations to all the Pens fans out there. What a great win!!

Also, I was wondering about stats for winning a SuperBowl and Stanley Cup in the same year and I just found it via Rich Eisen:

Pitts becomes 1st city 2 win Super Bowl/Stanley Cup in same yr. In fact, never happened in history of NFL, which began in 1920.

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