Saturday, June 27

The Santa Fe Gay Pride

celebration is today. This year it is being held at the Railyard Park instead of the Plaza which means a lot more space. They are even going to have a Beer Garden! I can't wait to check it all out.

Caroline, my middle niece, and three of her friends are coming down from Albuquerque to join the festivities and they plan to spend the night at our place. Housing four teenagers, three of whom we don't know, should be interesting.

Later today at Warehouse 21, Apple Miner Colony is playing their last show ever. They're freshly back from tour with a brand new album that my dear husband recorded for them. I grew quite familiar with their music during the month or so that they were working here at the house, but I have never seen them live so I am looking forward to it. Not to mention that I haven't seen a rock show in almost two years. Nuts.

So the main decision of the day is what cameras should I lug around with me?!

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