Friday, January 30

Steelers Nation Baby.

I'm pleased to report that when we went to Party City today to buy black and gold balloons, I noticed that all the Steelers paper products (plates, napkins, etc.) were sold out and the Cardinals were not. As we were picking out the balloons, the cashiers were talking about Sunday and one woman said, "the Steelers are going to win." So when we went to the check out counter, Will said, "we think the Steelers are going to win too!" Which made us an easy mark for her next question, "do you want to get a Steelers balloon too?" Of course! Did they have Cardinals balloons? I think not.

Tomorrow is all about prep for me. I have to make the baked beans and cole slaw. I also plan to start decorating the house with the balloons and streamers. The pork roast will be cooked overnight again (which means I am going to wake up all night from the smell) and then god knows how I am going to survive until 4:00 PM! The excitement is building.

I'm nervous about the game. It's definitely not going to be an easy. It'll be a good one and fingers are crossed that we will come out on top. Watching media week on NFL Network this week started making me really nervous. It seemed like all the commentators were saying, "the Steelers are great, BUT..." And it gave me the impression that they all think the game is going to be a big upset. The underdog Cards beating the favored Steelers. But because of all that talk, it almost made the Cardinals stop being the underdog and I'm fine with that. We don't want the Steelers being too overconfident. I also think it's pretty awesome that the whole SuperBowl Champ visits the White House is on the top of the players minds this year. They want to meet President Obama!

Our friend Julie just called me to tell me that her dad sent her a SuperBowl care package that included a six packs of Iron City and Yuengling! (You can't get either out here.) I'm not a fan of either beer, but she was losing her mind. Oh and one of the bottles exploded so everything else in the box was covered in beer. You gotta love Steelers fans!

Alright, I have to focus. There are flowers to be knit. And dinners to be made.

A happy weekend to you all!

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