Monday, January 5

Quick Football Recap

I know I probably scare people away with the football posts, but hey, football is life. Just kidding. I do think the whole pro football fan culture is pretty interesting though. Most of the friends that we have here in Santa Fe we made via Steelers games. And the ritual of preparing for the game is one of my favorite things on Sundays. Anyway, a topic that I keep thinking on but never can coherently write on.

So yesterday I went 2 for 2 with my picks, unfortunately. The Ravens scare me and like Ron Cook, I think we're going to end up facing them again in two weeks. That said, I also think we can beat them again.

All told, I tallied our weekend football watching at close to 20 hours. That's gross, isn't it? We did leave the couch on occasion though and multi-tasked while the games were on. I finished my cardigan and whipped up a baby hat for a friend. I also did some scanning during the Eagles/Vikings game. Next week will be more of the same with the four divisional play-off games.

February 1st. And then we'll done.

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