Thursday, January 8

Is it Sunday yet?

I'm so excited about the game on Sunday, I can hardly stand it. (An obvious sign that perhaps I have too much time on my hands.) One thing of the things that I have been obsessing about is the Game Day menu. We always have a nice array of snacks: chips and salsa, brie and crackers, Utz Pub Mix, peanuts, veggies and onion dip, green chile and cream cheese tortilla wraps. Sometimes Will busts out his spinach artichoke dip. Oh and cheese balls, but we didn't buy another barrel of them after the last one grossed us out with all the oil at the bottom. And part of my fun on Sunday mornings is getting out all the serving plates and preparing all the snacks.

But now it's the play-offs. And we got a crock pot for Christmas. So we're stepping things up a bit. BBQ pulled pork (and Riblets for the vegetarians). Cole slaw, potato salad and baked beans. Yum. I'm going to make the cole slaw and baked beans on Saturday. It'll help curb some of the game anxiety. I've never actually made baked beans before. Reading the recipe, here's me: "oh, you actually *bake* baked beans. Duh. I have to leave out the pork and bacon though so that everyone can eat them. I bet they'll still be good.

So we went out this morning and hit two grocery stores and the beer store and hopefully we're done. (When it comes to grocery shopping, we never seem to be done. It's ridiculous. One Sunday morning, Will went out to pick up some things while I prepared the snacks. Upon his return, we discovered the baby carrots were bad and god forbid we don't have baby carrots for the game so I had to go back out. And today we forgot the cabbage for the cole slaw, but at least it hit me while we were still in the parking lot.) Game Day gets expensive after awhile. But we love feeding our friends.

I really wanted to get some cheesy black and gold decorations or plates and napkins or something, but you know, you just can't find that sort of thing this far away from Pittsburgh. I settled for some cheesy football plates and napkins from Target. Perhaps I need to make a trip to Pittsburgh so I can stock up on Steelers paraphernalia for next season.

But because we've had to run around so much this week, I've hardly gotten anything else done. I'm still not doing so well with the focusing and time management thing.

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  1. Don't you worry missy---I've got your cheesy black and gold needs covered.
    Obviously they won't get to you by Sunday, but I promise you will be set for the SUPERBOWL PARTY! ;)


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