Tuesday, January 6

Odds and ends including the search for jeans.

I just read that Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson was picked up for a DUI early this morning. Dude, you're in the play-offs, why are you even out drinking?!

So, the search for jeans. I have two pairs of jeans that I wear constantly (not at the same time) and that fit well. One pair is from Gap and I've probably had them for 8 years? Maybe more? At any rate, they're getting pretty worn. The other pair I picked up at a second hand store about five years ago. I have about 5 other pairs of jeans that I don't like so much. Too tight or too big. Too long or too skinny. And since I am not working, I live in the aforementioned two pairs of jeans which is causing me to get a wee bit sick of them. Thus started the search for a new pair. Preferably cheap. But good lord, it is totally impossible to find jeans that are not geared toward a 14-year old girl. I don't want them up to my belly button, but I also don't want my ass crack showing. Not a great look for a 38-year old. No luck whatsoever at Target where the small sizes are two inches too long for me. I always thought I was average height, but apparently not. And the legs are either too bell bottom-y or to skinny. Whatever happened to somewhere inbetween? Today I finally gave in and went to Gap. I must have tried on 10 pairs of jeans. They actually have some mid-rise jeans which fit my waist well, but nothing else worked. Super boxy. I finally settled on a pair of "curvy" jeans. They are the perfect length but still a little too low-rise for me. I'm wearing them around the house with the tags on until I decide if I can live with them. Please tell me where I'm supposed to find jeans these days!!

Yesterday I found out that one of the purses in my old shop sold!! Very exciting news. I've never sold anything out of an actual store before. A gallery on Canyon Road no less! One sale certainly isn't going to pay the bills, but it gives me hope that more will sell. It also gives me reason to keep making more!

Okay, time for Total Access and some more scanning. I've gotten next to nothing done today and it's been extremely frustrating.

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