Monday, January 12

Here we go Steelers!

rocky in his knitted football helmet

I'll tell you what, the cats are going to be so happy when football season is over. Now they are getting tortured by being forced to pose with cute knitted football helmets on! Rocky actually used to like watching football with us, but he stopped after Jerome Bettis retired. Seriously. Never watched another game after that last Super Bowl season. They pretty much stay outside on Sundays as they have absolutely no tolerance for the crowd and the noise, although occasionally Rocky will stop in and check the floor for dropped snacks.

Anyway, WE WON!! And it was an awesome game. Success all around. We had a much bigger crowd here than usual, but all went well (we only had one spilled beer on the couch and one dropped plate of food on the floor) and the BBQ pork and baked beans were a hit. It was such a great day. And now...good lord, another whole week until the next game! I woke up ready to start planning the menu. But how do you top BBQ pork? The general consensus is that you don't. Yesterday's guests requested the same menu for next Sunday. But we may do BBQ beef instead of pork.

Last night I had a dream that the Steelers were my high school football team. I got to hang out with Big Ben and Hines Ward. It was awesome. I was actually a little bummed when I woke up. I wanted the dream back.

I don't know how we're going to get through the week. The excitement around here is palatable.

One last thing, I'm sorry to see Tony Dungy retiring, I've always liked him. But I certainly respect his decision to spend more time with his family. It'll be interesting to see how the Colts are affected by the changing of the coaches.

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