Saturday, January 31

I think that there is a piece of long curly ribbon

in Rocky's belly and I am totally stressed about it. The fancy Steelers balloon we brought home yesterday has a long ribbon tied to it and I meant to cut it when we got home precisely because I know Rocky likes to chew on such things. But I forgot and this morning we noticed the ribbon was much shorter and sure enough, there were teeth marks on it. I am so angry with myself. A stupid, irresponsible mistake that can be quite dangerous for a cat.

I think he ate it at around 4:00pm yesterday and he's fine so far. Eating, drinking and acting normal. I called the vet and she just said to keep an eye on him, that sometimes kitties just pass these things on their own, but if they don't, it can require surgery. And of course it is the weekend so if anything happens later in the day or tomorrow, it's off to the emergency vet for us. Please cross your fingers that Rocky gets it out on his own.

I feel like such an idiot.

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