Tuesday, January 20

A new day. And football.

Before I get to the football, I will say that I am so delighted that we now have President Obama in office. What a great day for this nation. And this event totally eclipses football, that I know, I am just not good at writing about such things.

As for the football, well, I have to say, even with the Steelers having a good record this season, it never really occurred to me that we would make it to the SuperBowl. And here we are. Going to the SuperBowl. I love it but for the fact that waiting through two weeks is torture.

On Sunday, we had another crowd at the house. The food was a hit again, although we decided that the bbq pork is better than the bbq beef. I was on pins and needles for most of the day and through most of our game. No matter that the Steelers looked good and had the lead throughout the entire game, it was close enough that it was hard to breathe. And Hines getting hurt in the first quarter didn't help. But Ben was cool and collected, the defense managed to rattle that unshakable rookie quarterback, and Troy sealed the deal. Yeah, fourth quarter, score 16-14, plenty of time left that anything could happen. Thank god that what happened was an interception and touchdown. We went wild. Until that helmet-to-helmet hit anyway. I don't like to see anyone laid out on the field, no matter who they're playing for. But fortunately, McGahee is expected to make a full recovery. That whole thing took a bit of the wind out of our sails.

And now, well now it's hard to get the "Here we go Steelers..." out of my head.

(And you've gotta love that Rooneys gave Obama the ball from the AFC Championship game!!)

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