Friday, January 7

Shawnee to Tupelo.

Day two started off well as I was totally surprised to wake up and find that it was after six! Sleeping past five doesn't happen often for me.

We made tea (for me) and coffee (for Will), I ate a spongy English muffin from the breakfast bar and we were back on the road by about 8:30. And back to listening to Harry Potter Harry Potter and knitting.

It was a densely foggy morning which was actually the perfect setting for listening to the Deathly Hallows. Eventually the fog dissipated and we found ourselves in the midst of hot and humid weather through Arkansas.

We are not fans of fast food but of course find that sometimes it is our only choice for a quick lunch on the road. Our top choice is always Chik-fil-A so I looked it up on the mostly useless TomTom and found one in Conway, AR. It actually ended up being a good exit for us because we needed to hit a Target and there was one right behind the Chik-fil-A. Walking into a Target on the road always feels a bit surreal to me as they are all so much alike, once in there, we could be anywhere.

I-40E took us into Memphis and then we headed southeast toward Tupelo, MS, our destination for the night. Not only was Tupelo about the right about of distance for the day's drive, but we knew we could eat some decent food there. A couple of years ago when we drove to the beach we stopped there on the way home and had great burgers at Woody's. So we were happy with the knowledge that we would be having a decent meal that night.

We made really good time that day and arrived at Woody's before six. They have a lot of pretty awesome sounding dishes on their menu, but we stuck with the burgers. I don't remember the name of the burger I ordered, but it included bacon and french fried onions on it. It was enormous. Too enormous. But delicious. Of course I couldn't finish it and we couldn't take it with us since we were traveling, something that the bus boy made me feel awfully guilty about. I don't like wasting food, but sometimes it's unavoidable when restaurants serve such outrageous portions. Next time we'll remember to order a burger to share.

We stayed at a Comfort Inn again since we'd stayed at it before and it was alright. This time they were remodeling and stuck us in a room right near all the construction. Fortunately we didn't hear much of it, but they did work pretty late into the night. The room was fine, although for some reason it creeped Will out so we'll probably pick a different place if we stop there again. I'd love to actually go all the way into the city and check it out, but we never seem to have time. The trip east is such a long drive, we usually can't afford to add more days by making it a leisurely drive. That would be a lot of fun though.

We watched television and read for awhile again and then turned in pretty early. It's amazing how sitting in a car all day can be so exhausting.


  1. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Justin and I listen to Harry Potter audiobooks on car trips, too. :) I also agree that car trips are exhausting, even though it just requires a lot of sitting. Ugh!

  2. I was thinking that too when we went to Boston in September - after 10 hours in the car, I was almost falling asleep by 8 pm.

    (that photo is gorgeous!)


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