Thursday, January 13

Another walk in the woods.

This time it was just me and Will and Abagail. And a couple of film cameras. (No telling when I'll ever get the 120 shots developed. Sigh.)

Will and Abagail.

After taking my last shot of Polaroid Time Zero film, I loaded up the SX-70 Alpha with 600 film and totally forget to change the light/dark dial. (Since 600 film was not made for the SX-70, the dial typically needs to be turned all the way to dark to get proper exposure. 600 film is much faster than the Time Zero.) I started taking shots and stuffing them in my pocket like I have a tendency to do.

Not always the best idea because then 4 or 5 shots go by before I realize that I've made a silly mistake.

I was irritated with myself, but whatever, it happens. (Too often in fact.) And by the time we got home and revisited the shots from the trip, I discovered that I actually quite liked the overexposed shots.

The evening light was quite lovely again and so I followed it and again became enamored with all the twists and turns of the trees. And the glow of the leaves.

I wish I could take walks in the woods every evening.

And then Will had to swing over the pond again, this time standing up.


  1. Anonymous2:09 PM

    These are all really great shot! I love the first one and close up of the tree trunk.

  2. The one with Will on the swing, as I've said before is my favorite. The overexposure makes the series so dreamy.


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