Monday, January 31


This week's Words To Shoot By is quite spectacular so you really should click on over there and check it out.

I took a walk around our neighborhood yesterday and ended up with three shots of houses that always draw my eye.

During the summer, the top place always has the tallest sunflowers growing in the front yard. It always makes me happy when I walk by. And during the winter, well, I actually kind of like the dried up stalks too.

I wish I knew more about the middle place. It's broken up into apartments, although I don't know if it was built that way or changed into a rental over the years. The structure has "peaks" on both ends and someone told us there used to be some kind of bird sculpture in there and the wings spanned the space from one peak to the other. Sometimes we see a kitty perched on top of the arch that leads into the yard.

And the last place always has lovely flowers in the summertime as well. Plus there is something about that blue door and white adobe wall that always makes me smile.

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  1. I loved the new WTSB this week and your entries especially. Those homes look so unique!


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