Wednesday, January 5

Happy New Year!

Hello at last! Hope the new year is treating you all well.

This is the first photo I took on New Year's Day and it was a bit of an accident and didn't turn out so well. I attached my little self-timer to the camera and the piece that pops out to take the photo got stuck and so after the first photo, it kept pressing the shutter in and taking more photos. Eek! Not exactly how I want to use my $22 for 8 shots film! Luckily there were only two shots left so I didn't end up with 8 shots of bad self-portraits.

I think I look pretty awful here, but I like the setting and I like my new bunny t-shirt. (From my favorite t-shirt shop, Supermaggie.)

And I am posting it because I still feel like an unattractive mess after spending most of the start of this new year being incredibly sleep deprived and a bit ill. No fun! I am feeling better today, but I still haven't slept through the night which is very frustrating. And I still haven't really gotten my head wrapped around the fact that it is a new year and a time for new beginnings.

I need a good night of sleep and a new perspective on 2011.


  1. Oh no. I have been restless too, I think the excitement and prospect of a new year and maybe some worries too.

    I'm not much into taking medicine but I've found that taking melatonin pills does help me get to sleep if I take them 30 minutes before I want to sleep. Give em a whirl.

  2. I'm still in denial that it's winter. No, really - I get up in the morning and think, okay, only a few more days of this ebven thought you know all too well taht Pittsburgh winters last almost 5 months. Denial can be a helpful tool sometimes.

  3. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Your bunny shirt is awesome.
    Happy new year!


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