Monday, January 10

Shawnee to Loganville.

Both of us woke up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, but we still manage to get up and out of the hotel by 8 o'clock. We were tired but also excited about reaching our destination that afternoon.

The drive was fairly uneventful. More knitting. More Harry Potter. And more Chik-fil-A for lunch. (I just had a sandwich because my body could not deal with more french fries.)

Loganville is about 45 minutes or so northeast of Atlanta, but we had to briefly enter Atlanta to get there. This turned into a few moments of confusion as we didn't hear what the TomTom said and missed a turn, ended up in the downtown area. There was nowhere to pull over while we situated ourselves so Will kept driving while I scrambled for the atlas and tried to figure out what we needed to do. It was a week bit stressful, but somehow Will had turned in the right place and right as we were about to stop at a gas station, we realized that we were on the road we were supposed to be on. Go figure.

Driving out of the city and into the suburbs, I started to feel like I could be anywhere. Stoplights, chain restaurants and chain stores that just went on and on and on.

Eventually we made some turns and ended up driving through a much more pleasant woodsy area with lots of big houses.

Will's sister and her family live in one of the smaller big houses and have their very own woods in the backyard! And a pond! And a swimming pool! And a big hill to hike up! It was quite beautiful and tranquil. It was good to be done driving for a few days.

We arrived at the house at around 3 o'clock, unloaded the car and basically chilled out for the next few days. I mean, seriously chilled out. It was all about eating, afternoon naps and evening walks in the woods. It was super nice and relaxing, although I have to admit I got twitchy a few times because I am not used to do *nothing*.

I did run while we were there. My father-in-law runs as well so a few of the mornings we were all there, he and I headed out to Tribble Mill Park for some exercise. I really couldn't have asked for a better place to run. The trail goes through the woods and around a beautiful lake. It was so wonderful not to be running on sidewalks in the city. I wish I had a trail like that every day. Plus it made me feel like a total bad ass because I shaved minutes off my usual running times. At first I thought I made a mistake, but then I realized that running at much lower elevation was allowing me to really push. It felt awesome.

Now, of course, I am back to being slow especially with all the icy patches that are still on my route. But hey, it was fun to be a bad ass for a few days!

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