Friday, January 21

New stuff. And football, of course.

This week totally got away from me. I feel like I only got about half of the things done that I wanted to get done. It would be lovely if time would slow down a bit.

Earlier in the week, I worked a full day at the gallery which is probably part of the reason that I feel like I had a shorter week than usual for my own work. That evening we had dinner with a friend who asked me to make some flower pins in her niece's college colors and sew them on a headband. So that's one of the things I did this week. Make flowers. In college colors. And while I was at it, I figured I should make some of my little flowers in black and gold for barrettes.

I think they are pretty darn cute.

I also decided to make a beer cozy since a number of people thought my cuff bracelets were beer cozies.

Will claimed this one before I even felted it so now I have to make another for myself. He was very happy to use it this evening as he said it kept his beer cold and his hands warm. As it should.

And yes, we have black and gold on our minds around here.

We decided to make chili for the game on Sunday. Will wanted to do barbecued pork, but the last time we made it, we had quite an embarrassing loss to the Patriots. (And one of our tenants lit a fire in our driveway in front of my car and next to the gas lines, but that's another story.) So I'm feeling a bit superstitious about barbecued pork even though it's what we served throughout our last playoff run and Superbowl win. Last week we had burgers so now I am thinking sticking to a ground beef sort of theme is what's going to happen. Sorry, I know it's ridiculous. I am usually not superstitious, but I get a little bit going on when we are in the playoffs.

We are also going to be serving the leftover pimento cheese dip which I have to say has gotten better and better with time.

Anyway, I was talking about felting, wasn't I? I also made a new set of nesting bowls. Not super different, but a little. Slightly smaller and flat bottomed instead of rounded. Oh and they are crocheted instead of knitted. I learned that I need to add a couple of rows to the largest one so that it comes out more in proportion to the others, but overall I am happy with the result. And I love the colors.

Hope you all have fabulous weekends! I may not be around until Tuesday, but we'll see. Tomorrow is a whole bunch of sewing flower barrettes that aren't black and gold and shaving felted things and vacuuming and mopping and laundering. And then Sunday is all about football.

Go Steelers!!


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  1. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Those flower clips are adorable!


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