Sunday, January 23

The Instax and Game Day and Dreams.

Shot taken with my new Fuji Instax Wide 210 camera. I am really enjoying this camera so far even though it's a beast of a camera. It's about the size of a brick. It reminds me a bit of using the old Polaroid One Step cameras, the ones that the flash always fires on. I stuck a piece of black electrical tape over the flash so that it doesn't always wash everything out, although sometimes the flash is needed. I've been taking a lot of indoor low lights shots just to figure out what it can manage with no flash. The film produces surprisingly rich colors. And the best thing about it? The film is readily available and affordable!

Don't get me wrong, my Polaroid cameras and films will always be my first loves, but this is a nice addition to the family and one that will ultimately allow me to conserve my Polaroid film. I plan to use the Instax for more of my "everyday" sort of shots and conserve the Pola film for more exciting adventures.

This morning I woke up and immediately started making a list in my head of all the food preparation I have to do for the big game.

I woke up a little late, but it's okay because all I really have to do before the food prep is go for a run and I have plenty of time. Our guests will not be arriving until around 1:00pm for the NFC game.

I haven't really been sleeping well (shocking, I know), but it hasn't caught up to me yet. (I hope I don't regret saying that out loud.) It's not so much that I am not sleeping, it's that my sleep is very shallow. Like I can be asleep and dreaming, but somehow I am aware of what's going on in the room as well. The cats shifting position, the house settling and make weird creaks and groans. And I dream a lot. Multiple dreams throughout the night and early morning.

I can always tell when I have slept deeply because I either don't remember a dream or only remember one long dream instead of many shifting dreams.

Sometimes I feel like I wake up every time I turn over.

Last night I had not one, but two dreams about my dad's old Ford truck. I can't recall ever dreaming about that truck before so I have no idea why it showed up last night.

In one dream, Will and I had left the highway and were traveling on rough made dirt roads that kept coming to an end. We'd always find another road to get on, but they all kept ending by either just disappearing or coming to a place where a bridge used to be but no longer existed. Eventually we came to some super bizarre rest area/truck stop place and I walked around taking Polaroid pictures.

I wish I could take snapshots of my dreams and share them with you as some of the visuals are really interesting, but I am not so good at putting them into words.

In another dream, I was traveling with my mother and again, we stopped at a truck stop to eat. Then suddenly I had roller skates on and I was skating around trying to find a bathroom.

Rocky got up at 5:30 and started to whine so I brought him to the bed with the hope that he would chill out for awhile longer. This only partially works because while he does calm down, it involves a lot of constant petting so I don't actually get to go back to sleep.

I finally let them out at 6:00 and dozed back off. The dream that came mostly eludes me now, but I do remember at the end, I had gotten my hair cut super short and it had been dyed to a platinum blonde shade with a blue stripe down the center. Really not a good look for me.

Hmmm, well, I had planned to sit down write about football and food and instead I rambled on about dreams. Go figure.

More soon my lovelies. Hope you all have a very happy Sunday.


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  1. I really love the color from the Instax. I didn't know they made a larger version of that camera, I've only seen the minis.

    Your dream about being on roller skates and trying to find a bathroom is hilarious (PS it's tough to go to the bathroom on roller skates).


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