Wednesday, January 12


One of the first things we inquired about after settling in at my sister-in-law's home:

Do you have the NFL Network?

And initially Shannon, my brother-in-law said that he didn't think they had it.

We were prepared for this possibility and since we were playing the Panthers (who had a terrible season), it was all fine.

(If you can get through the football portion of this post, there will be pictures of trees and sky and people.)

But then Shannon discovered that they do indeed get the NFL Network so we were all set for the Thursday night game.

Out here in the mountain time zone, we watch our football games two hours earlier than a lot of you folks. For the morning games, it isn't always ideal, but we've gotten used to it. But for the night games, it's great for me. Eight o'clock games are six o'clock games which fits into my whole going to bed to read at nine o'clock schedule. But being in the eastern time zone, good lord, I could barely keep my eyes open by the second half. I managed to stay up until some point during the fourth quarter when I was positive that we were definitely going to win the game. It was rough though.

Anyway, one of my favorite parts of our stay in Loganville was the evening walk. Okay, so we only had two evening walks (the third night it was snowing too much or maybe we were just tired from watching kids open presents all morning long), but both were quite enjoyable especially since Abagail went along with us.

I fell in love with Abagail big time. She's an outdoor kitty, but so unbelievably sweet. Since it was cold, she hung out in the garage quite a bit, but whenever anyone went out for a walk, she followed along. And she would get her wild cat on.

You can't see it here, but when she went out for walks with us, she'd puff her tail up. I wanted to bring her home with us so badly, but of course Rocky and Simon would hate her. She actually got into the car when we were loading it up and it was difficult getting her to come out. So tempting just to let her ride along with us!

The first evening walk included Shannon, Jake, our nephew and Will's dad. Jake has a sweet coon skin hat.

The light was so wonderful as we walked and since I was carrying my digital SLR, I couldn't resist taking loads of photos, following the light and the trees.

I love the textures of the bark and all the gnarly twists and turns that trunks and branches make.

The whole swinging over the pond thing made me quite nervous. But you know, boys will be boys. There was a lot of testosterone hanging out by that pond and the swing.

I was too chicken to try it myself. Maybe when it's not cold and it wouldn't totally suck to fall into the pond.

There's a huge rocky area at the top of the hill, it was really cool and a bit slick. Note the NFL knit hats on Will and Shannon. Steelers and Falcons. Both still in the running...

More trees tomorrow!

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