Tuesday, February 16

Valentine's Day Dinner.

Will really outdid himself with this dinner. It was so perfect and delicious. What a nice husband I have!

We started off with brie and cranberry pomegranate sauce on melba toast. It was so good, I had to force myself to stop eating it. Had to save room for the main course.

Which was

homemade polenta with green chile and parmesan cheese.

And yes, I know my pictures are not pretty, but our kitchen does not have the best light after the sun goes down. Plus I think I was really more interested in eating than documenting our meal!

Moving on, with the polenta we had braised short ribs that were completely amazing. Will used the recipe from Seduced By Bacon. (We so love that cookbook!)

To drink we had a tasty Rioja, one of my favorites.

And we actually sat at the table instead of watching television like we usually do. Nothing fancy, but I thought it was sweet. Note the beautiful flowers that Will got for me.

Dinner really was fabulous and such a nice treat. For dessert we shared a chocolate pot from Whole Foods that was quite decadent and went nicely with the wine. I have such a thing for good red wine with good chocolate. It can be a bit dangerous at times.

After dinner we did watch television, but hey, it was the Olympic figure skating competition. That qualifies as romantic.

Thanks baby, you are the best.

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