Friday, February 12

Happy Birthday to Rocky!

Happy Birthday to Rocky!

Today my sweet boy is 11 years old.

He looks grumpy here because he wasn't really in the mood to have his picture taken.

Rocky is the light of my life. He always makes me smile. Sometimes he makes me really mad too, but that usually doesn't last too long. How could I possibly stay mad at that adorable face?

He's lived in Pittsburgh, Brooklyn and Santa Fe. I think Brooklyn was his least favorite because he had to stay indoors. Santa Fe might just be his favorite although he always seemed to like Pittsburgh too.

He's traveled across the country with me. Three days in a car is tough for a cat, but he was a trooper. I don't think he really wants to do that again though.

He has many battle scars as he doesn't really like other cats. Or dogs. In fact, he and his brother Simon don't even like each other and they have lived together for 6 years now.

He's had x-rays and an ultrasound done on his heart. (He has a slight heart murmur.) That was another tough experience for him, but he was a very good patient through it all.

He's also had his teeth cleaned and now gets his teeth brushed at home. He likes the seafood toothpaste but could probably do without the brushing part.

He loves to eat. A LOT. I think I can safely say that food is his very favorite thing ever. Unfortunately he has an eating disorder - he binge eats - so his food intake has to be monitored.

When we lived in Brooklyn, he weighed 20 pounds. Now he weighs 14 pounds and steps lightly.

He also loves the outdoors. He loves to nap in the sun and roll in the dirt. Right now the cold makes it hard to spend much time outside and he's been a bit frustrated and bored. We're all looking forward to spring.

I'm guessing that he doesn't know today is his birthday. But that's okay, we'll celebrate his life anyway. He brings much joy to our household.

Rocky is the best. I love him dearly.

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