Wednesday, February 10

Too cute.

While Will and Cassidy were trying to get Stephen's boutonniere pinned on, I realized that I have never been to a formal dance. I didn't go to a single dance in high school, not even prom. So I missed all this getting dressed up and pinning flowers on stuff. I joked that it is the root of all my troubles now.

That whole thought process made me think of Pretty in Pink. There's a scene in it where Iona (Annie Potts) and Andie (Molly Ringwald) are talking about the prom. Iona tells her about the friend she has that feels like something is wrong every once in awhile. She checks her purse, counts her kids...and then realizes it's because she didn't go to the prom. That always cracks me up.


We watched the movie last night. It's still a decent movie. I think that when I was 15, I was happy that in the end, Andie ends up with the cute guy. Now I kind of wish she had ended up with Ducky.

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