Wednesday, February 10

The sweater without sleeves.

Cozy Bolero.

Here's the sweater as it is now. It looks right and I think it fits right, although I can't say that it looks great on me. But I haven't blocked it yet so that could make a huge difference. I'm not going to block it until I add the sleeves. And I can't add the sleeves until I get the needles I need. I ordered them this morning and they already shipped so hopefully by early next week, this little project will be complete.

Following the larger size directions with the smaller needles seems to have worked out very nicely. The only modification that I made was adding two extra rows of ribbing on the collar.

I'm really hoping that the sleeves and blocking make this into something I will wear. If not, I'll either pass it off to someone else or stash it until I need the yarn for something else.

I bought the new Knitscene this afternoon and boy does it have some cute patterns in it! There are couple of things I'd like to make, but it's just so hard to buy the yarn needed. Even the smaller sweaters call for 5 or 6 skeins of yarn and when that yarn is 8 bucks or more a skein, it gets really expensive, really fast. But maybe after sales pick up a bit, I'll splurge on something.


  1. that's a gorgeous color (at least the way it's showing up on my monitor)
    lookin good!

  2. hmmm, you must have a psychedelic monitor! it's just good ol' black. :)


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