Tuesday, February 2

Getting organized.




In early January, I received another big order of yarn and realized that keeping it in the big bag on the floor wasn't ideal. I felt bad about taking away Rocky's yarn bed, but something had to be done. I ended up buying a bunch of plastic ITSO cubes at Target and stacked them up in the closet in my office. The perfect solution! Now I can organize my yarn by color, sort of, and get a better view of what I have in my stash. A very happy thing. Of course now I am already running out of space because I went a little yarn crazy last month. I would really like to get some more cubes, but I have to sell some things first plus I don't have a lot of room left in my office to add more storage. But the cubes are great. Although buying them was quite an adventure as I was alone and only two cubes actually fit in a cart. I managed to stack up four cubes on the cart and carried the other two in my hand. It worked alright until I went out to the parking lot. All the bumps in the pavement made it difficult to keep the cubes steady in the cart. I am sure it was a very funny sight. (And of course no one offered to help. Not that I really expected it, but if my husband was at Target and saw someone struggling with 6 cubes, he would definitely help. He's a gentleman.)

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