Thursday, October 2

When I picked up the cats at the vet,

a lady with a small dog came in. She overheard the receptionist make the call to bring Simon and Rocky to the front.

"Those sound like two good names. What are they?"

"They're cats."

"And they're all checked out and healthy now?"

"They came in to get their teeth cleaned today."

"Oh, my poodle died here while he was having his teeth cleaned."

Good lord! I am glad I didn't hear that little bit until they were done with the procedure. Although the lady obviously still trusts the place if she was there with her other dog.

As it is, I am a little pissed and stressed because they gave Rocky too much fluid while he was under. He was supposed to get 60ml of fluid and he got 200ml! Not a lethal dose, but apparently something to be concerned about as they told us to keep a close eye on him for the next few days. He has a slight cough now, but other than that, he seems fine. The tooth extraction did not keep him from gulping down a bowl of dry food when he got home. There's not much that will keep Rocky from his food.

Oh and Simon ended up not having any teeth extracted. The two teeth that they intended to extract weren't actually there. Um, yeah.

I'm telling you, it's always something.

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