Sunday, October 12

Bye Week (No Game Day)

Bye Week (No Game Day)

Sometimes the bye week leaves us feeling lost, this week we needed the rest. Or perhaps more aptly, the Steelers needed the rest. Ben has been getting roughed up, Willie's on the mend along with a handful of others. Here's hoping the come back stronger than ever after two weeks off.

Of course we still watch football. Maybe not as intensely, but we always watch. This seems to be the season of a lot of upsets and a lot of "THIS TEAM is the BEST TEAM" and then that team loses. Personally I think all the upsets and what not make for a much more interesting football season than a season in which there is one powerhouse that blows out all the other teams. Redskins are tough this season, but they lost to the Rams today. Cowboys are supposed to be on top, but they've been struggling in the past couple of games. They should have blown out the Bengals and didn't. Right now the game against the Cardinals isn't over yet, but it's a nail-bitter. So are the Cowboys really IT? Methinks we can't decide such things just yet.

I'm already looking forward to next Sunday. We finally have a morning game which means breakfast burritos, sausage balls and Bloody Marys!

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