Thursday, October 2

The cats cost us a small fortune today.

Last year when the cats went in for their yearly check-ups, the vet recommended that they both have their teeth cleaned within a year. It's not a cheap procedure so we've kind of been putting it off, but this week we decided to bite the bullet.

We were instructed not to feed them after 9:00PM the night before the appointment. Uh-oh. Not feeding Rocky leads to excessive whining. We were afraid. And I'd already spent four nights with poor sleep so one more would not be a good thing. So we fed them their early dinner last night and then high-tailed it over to my parents' house. I know, we're such wimps, but we have two bad cats and we thought that with empty bellies, they would be more than we could handle.

We got up early and came back home. Both of them were highly distressed over the lack of food. Poor things. Will dropped them off at the vet and since then, we've gotten three reports. Rocky went first. He had to have one tooth extracted but everything went well. The vet called again to report that he was awake and doing fine. Simon was up second. We just found out that he has to have two molars extracted. And guess what?! Each extraction makes the cost of the procedure go up. We're looking at a lot of money that is going to have to be paid out when I go pick them up this afternoon. Way more than we expected. Way more. It's insane. We don't even spend that much on our teeth. All I can say is that they damn well better have sparkling white clean teeth.

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