Tuesday, May 13

The Word on Rocky

We finally got all the test results back from the vet. And guess what, NOTHING IS WRONG! Wooohooo! But that's what we thought anyway since Rocky acts like a perfectly healthy and happy cat.

Apparently the vet started to tell Will that we should run a few more tests, but Will said, no, we're done. Because for now, we are. Rocky is not sick, why should we treat him like a sick cat? Crazy, I tell you. We will take him back in a month or two so she can test his glucose levels again and if they are still abnormally low, we'll go from there. I just feel like at this point they are convinced that something is wrong with him and I don't like them approaching my kitty cat's health care with that mentality.

Anyway, we are thrilled that nothing turned up on any of the tests.

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