Tuesday, May 27

The Garden

This past Saturday morning we got up early to start our garden work. We bought more flowers and four pepper plants and spent most of the day gardening. I love it, even though I do moan and groan a lot when I have to pull weeds. (By the way, the elm pods that are every where are now sprouting and it is going to be losing battle for quite some time. No fun.)

It's looking good in our back yard. I still need to fill in the front and side yards. Plan to plant more tomatoes (Will was gifted a cherry tomato plant), eggplant, lettuce and something else that I am forgetting now. More zinnias for the front beds. This year is kind of an experiment as we don't really know how certain things will do or how big they'll get...we've never had so much yard before! I think it's all going to work out splendidly.

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