Saturday, May 31

Simon likes to nap in the sunshine.

Sometimes it is the evening sun

sometimes the afternoon sun

and sometimes the morning sun.

He's quite the handsome boy.

This morning he was waiting to come in underneath the car instead of sitting on the porch. (They don't stay out all night, but they do go out at about 4:00 AM.) I let him in and a few minutes later I saw the neighbor cat, Don Oro, strutting down our driveway. He must have been over here reminding my boys who is the boss of the neighborhood!

My sunburn hurts more today than it did yesterday. I had to skip doing my sit ups because it was too painful.

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night
(as usual)
and it felt like my back was stuck to the sheets.
I was worried that my skin was going to peel off.
It didn't
of course
but OUCH.

Sunburns suck.

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