Wednesday, May 7

Four Fabulous Years!

For my love...

Happy Anniversary my love! Don't we look so young and fresh faced?!

I don't have a shot from today yet, but here are the year's past, just for kicks.

Third anniversary. We had just moved to Santa Fe a few days before.

I don't see to have one from our second anniversary. We had dinner at Umi in Pittsburgh and I believe I had been sick all day. Probably why there is no photo.

may 7 - our first anniversary
First anniversary. At Ray's Marlin in Pittsburgh. We had just moved there a few weeks before!

on the brooklyn bridge
And my very favorite shot from our wedding day, taken with my Holga by Stephanie, the lovely musician in this video.

Will and I got hitched four years ago at City Hall in Manhattan with six friends in tow. It was a wonderful day. This shot was taken before we headed to City Hall via the C train. After the 30 second ceremony (seriously!), we had a photo shoot while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Here are a few more shots that I've posted to Flickr. With everything being all about Polaroid for me lately, it only recently dawned on me that we had Polaroid shots from our wedding that I had never even scanned. So shocking! See, we got married before I joined most of our wedding day is actually not on the internet. Rather, I have a very lovely photo album of the day.

What a lucky woman I am to have such a sweet, loving and talented husband! And one who is totally understanding of my need to compulsively buy Polaroid film. He never complains that all my film is taking over the fridge. Thanks baby!

The traditional anniversary gift for four years is flowers. Rather than buy each other flowers, our gifts to each other will be flowers for our garden out back. Looking forward to all the planting we will do.

Tonight we're going out to dinner and I can't wait! We trying out one of the newer restaurants in our neighborhood. I'll report back on the food later in the week.

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