Friday, May 9

Duck, duck, duck...shark!

(I took *a lot* of pictures of this ranunculous. Such a lovely and long-lasting flower!)

Oh, I am tired today. Two nights out with rich food and too much drink does a gal in. Particularly when those two nights were also nights of poor sleep.

The anniversary dinner was festive and fabulous. We took pictures, but I haven't had a chance to scan them yet. We went to Mauka, a newish restaurant in our hood that we've been wanting to try. It was excellent...nice atmosphere and delicious food. We started out with the Ahi Poke spring rolls served with pineapple chutney and black tobiko. So good. We also shared the organic arugula salad with local roasted beets, local Sweetwoods goat cheese croutons and maple vin. It was to die for. OMG, those goat cheese croutons were the best thing ever. Yum. And for our entrees, Will had the fish special which was a type of Hawaiian fish that I can't even guess how to spell. It was served on a bed with rice noodles and I forget the rest, but he loved it. I had the duck breast with sweet potato pancetta hash and red curry sauce. The sauce was a bit on the spicy side for me, but the duck was amazing. I've had good duck before, but this was so different, not so fatty. And as if all that wasn't enough, we had smoked paprika carrot cake for dessert. It had cream cheese frosting and was served with roasted pineapple. Wow. The wines were quite tasty too. I had chardonnay followed by cabernet sauvignon and both were the perfect kind of dry for me. Definitely nice spot for a special occasion dinner out.

Last night we went out to eat as well because some relatives were in town for the evening. We went to Mariscos "La Playa" which is a favorite of my parents. I planned to eat light, but no, that didn't happen. I thought grilled fish would be a safe choice, light and healthy...only not when it is served totally doused in butter and garlic. Dear Lord. I chose the Mako shark and it was delicious but way too rich. By the time we got home, we were both moaning and holding our bellies. Too much food! So tonight, salad at home. Definitely.

I've had a super busy week and the weekend ahead is going to be busy as well. We're having the family over on Sunday for Mother's Day so tomorrow we plan to get all the prep work done and the extra tables set up outside. We're cooking out so it's nothing fancy, but still, we've never actually had my whole family over at once! It'll be fun. And then Monday is Will's birthday, but since he isn't a birthday person, he doesn't want to celebrate much. I think we going to go see Ironman.

So that's it for now. I'll have my weekly flickr faves up in a bit. Happy weekends to you all and don't forget to call your mom!!

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