Tuesday, May 13

The Internet Blues, Perhaps

I've been spending a lot of time on the internet, mostly looking at photos on Flickr and that sort of thing. And oftentimes, instead of feeling more "connected", I end up feeling super disconnected from it all, friends and strangers alike. And that feeling tends to get me down.

I've never been particularly popular or had a lot of friends in real life and my existence on the internet has not been any different. (I've been doing this for EIGHT YEARS folks. Hard to believe, but it's true. I made my first blog post on my pita in March of 2000.) And it's fine, really. Except when it's not fine. And I start wondering why I never seem to fit in anywhere, even when I actually put myself out there. I suppose I'll never understand social networking. Always on the sidelines, that's me.

The thing is, I don't even *like* attention. So what is it that I want?

A little bit of connecting, I guess. Just a little bit.

We recently watched Into The Wild which we really enjoyed and it prompted me to read the book. It's an interesting read and while it doesn't make me want to disappear into the wild, it does make me dream about living in the woods. And being a hermit. Well, not a total hermit. I would take Will and the cats with me.

As much as I enjoy and use technology, sometimes I think life was more simple without all of it.

Ha...as I type away on MY BLOG.

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  1. i totally know what you mean. sometimes i just have to step away from the computer for a few days. last year i quit the last of my "social networking" sites, and it feels kinda great. i lost touch with some people that i wish i hadn't, but so it goes.


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