Friday, February 23

Well, we didn't go to New York

....which is why I am sitting at my desk right now. It's been a crazy week so even though we decided not to make a visit to the Big City, I still took the day off. I am a bit disappointed about not taking a trip this weekend (and seeing ONEIDA!), but with the big move coming up, we are really working at being conservative with our finances and, well, New York is never easy on the pocketbook. Besides, there's plenty to do in Pittsburgh this weekend.

I've been having trouble sleeping and so feel out of sorts. Not down, just not quite myself and thus unable to get into a groove. Like today. I had a whole day to myself and I feel like I haven't done anything with it. I took a walk down Butler Street, fussed with the computer and went to the grocery store. Aren't there a million other things I should be doing? I seem to have forgotten how to relax.

One nice thing from the week - I got a new computer! My old computer had about 370 MB of a 40 GB hard drive left and needless to say, the lack of space was making me nervous. Now I have plenty of space AND a helluvalot more speed. Now I can actually do more than one thing at time without my computer slowing down to a complete crawl. It's wonderful. (Thanks CC!) It's been time consuming getting applications re-installed and what not, but that's cool, I am just about done.

One not so nice thing from the week - I had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my latest batch of prints from the Diana-F. They arrived on Tuesday and it led to much frustration. I've been using prepaid mailers for A&I and this is the second time that I have not gotten what I requested. Instead of 6x6 prints, I am getting 6x4 and considering the fact that the negatives are clearly in the square format, the print is not full frame. Square pictures do not always work as rectangle pictures. I actually got rather angry about it, but I am over it now. I'll deal with it. I just don't get it. I clearly requested 6x6 prints so I don't know what the disconnect is. Suffice it to say, I am not going to be using A&I anymore.

So, the sun is shining and I plan to feel better from here on out. Happy weekends to all of you.

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