Monday, February 19

a good weekend

I apologize that my last post was incoherent. I was super tired but wanted to get the Woodlab pics up. At the end of last year, I was struggling to find pictures to post, and now, I have been taking so many pictures, there's no way I can share them all. Not a bad thing at all, and most of them do end up on Flickr. But sometimes I wish I could put them all here with little stories attached.

Last Friday, two very good things happened at work. One, I received an unexpected bonus for the past year of work; and two, I gave my notice which was a great relief. I am not leaving my job until the end of March, but I wanted my boss to know sooner rather than later because we have so much going on all of the time. Anyway, I felt like celebrating so I took my husband out for dinner. I debated over which restaurant and finally decided on Piccolo Forno. We rarely go out to eat Italian food, but Piccolo Forno had many good reviews online, plus it is nearby so we could walk. (It was cold, but I was in desperate need of fresh air and exercise.) It was the perfect choice. Oftentimes we seem to be rushed through our meals, something that bothers me. I like a leisurely dinner. And Piccolo Forno was excellent in that regard. They didn't bring out everything right away but let us linger over wine and appetizers. The food was good, not excellent, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I chose the lasagna and it was okay. Pretty basic. Will had the spinach ravioli in sage butter sauce, a little more exciting than the lasagna. I want to go back and try the wooden oven pizza and/or a panini. Oh and it's BYOB which is kind of nice. We bought a bottle of Chianti on our way there and it was quite tasty.

Saturday is a blur. We ran errands in the morning and I think I worked on various photo projects most of the afternoon. Sam came over later in the evening.

will and sam

We drank beer and shared good conversation. It's been awhile since we've gotten to do that with Sam and we quite enjoyed it. Simon had a relaxing evening as well. Notice the perfect curly cue tail.

simon with a curly tail

Yesterday was a slow day for me. I was tired and unmotivated (too much beer). We watched North Country. It was a great movie. It made us both really uncomfortable and angry, but it was good. And Frances McDormand is in it (along with Charlize Theron and Sissy Spacek), and while she doesn't have a huge role, I love seeing her in anything. She is awesome. So is Sissy Spacek for that matter. Bloody came over in the afternoon to model some coats for me and then we all just sat and talked for a few hours. A good weekend for conversation I guess.

Now it's Monday and I am getting ready to head home from the office. I have more photo stuff to work on, laundry to do and decisions to make. We might go to NYC this weekend, might not...I just can't decide. Hope you all have the day off and have some fun!!

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