Tuesday, February 13

hello waffles and down by the river

hello waffles

On Saturday, we were gifted a Hello Kitty waffle iron by S. Mama (thank you!), so of course I had to make waffles on Sunday morning. They turned out perfectly for me, nice and crispy. And the four waffles are the perfect amount too. Yum.

Later in the day, Will and I took a walk down to the Allegheny River. It was damn cold outside for a walk, but I had to get out and Will was sweet enough to join me. (I have to admit that going down to the river by myself creeps me out a bit.) No running for a week was making me crazy. So a walk and fresh air was much needed.

looking toward downtown

The river isn't completely iced over, but it was still worth the journey down there to check it out. And I love all the bridges in Pittsburgh. I think they are one of my favorite things about this city, and definitely one of the things that I'll miss. In this photo, the nearest bridge is the 40th Street bridge and the next one is the 31st Street bridge. I love that we can see all the way down the river to downtown. You can also see all the bread out on the ice. Someone is looking after the ducks. Here's the view in the other direction:

looking the other direction

There are chunks of ice all along the river bank. We ended up staying out for quite awhile, throwing ice and rocks onto the river. It was fun. The sound of the ice breaking into pieces on more ice is really cool as is the sound of big rocks bouncing along the ice. I tried to capture it with the video function on my camera, but all that can be heard is the blowing wind.

pretty winter sky

Loved the sky and clouds that day too. This photo reminds me a lot of the one I took on the way home from North Carolina in December.

The rest of the day was spent cooking Oxtail Soup. I used the recipe that is in Laura Esquivel's Like Water for Chocolate. It's a great recipe and while teh sound of oxtails seems to turn people off, they are actually quite good. The recipe includes green beans and potatoes so it's a good and hearty soup for cold days. (And Like Water for Chocolate is an excellent book and movie!)

I'll be back later with Tuesday's Flickr favorites. A happy day to you all!

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