Tuesday, February 20


When I got home from work yesterday

I write about my cats too much, don't I? I can't help it - they are a source of endless entertainment for me! And wow, that photo up there is super busy, so much stuff in it, but the look on Simon's face is classic. Yesterday when I got home and went upstairs, I expected to find him curled up on the bed as usual. But no, he was in the office, on the chair, and it sure looked like he was doing something on the computer. It made me laugh so much. I love making up stories about things that my cats do. (Rocky used to be in a rock band, but that's a whole other story.)

Work has been super busy today which is actually good. I enjoy being busy, plus I had a bout of insomnia last night, something that is never pleasant; and being busy today has taken my mind off the fact that I didn't get any sleep.

I have to get going soon as we are having dinner guests this evening and need to help Will get things ready, but first, my weekly five flickr favorites!

52 Projects' tree_shadow_021707. tree shadow love. fabulous.
minarai's ufo on the beach. love the simplicity.
bugheart's feb16b. more tree shadow (and polaroid) love.
Maditi's pink. lovely diptych. makes me long for spring.
lauratitian's untitled. makes me long for the beach.

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