Tuesday, February 13

snow day and flickr faves

I am loving the snow today! It's been snowing since early this morning and I'd say there are about 4 or 5 inches in my backyard now. It's awesome. And it's even more awesome because I didn't have to go into work today!! Yes, loving life today. I've gotten a lot done so far, checking things off the list that have been on it for far too long. I also took a lovely walk around the neighborhood.

red snow boots

My red boots kept my feet warm and dry, as snow boots should. (Most of my other boots do not accomplish this.)

happy me in the snow

This is me looking happy and dorky in the snow.

fresh tracks in the snow

On my way home, I took a shortcut and came across an expanse of untouched snow. I got excited about leaving fresh tracks behind me. You can kind of see them in this photo.

This afternoon I finally made some calls that needed to be made and got a phone call from a dear friend. (Hi Christine!) After I finish this post, I am heading down to the kitchen to whip up some peanut butter cookies. I've had a craving for them ever since I read this post.

I'll leave you with five recent favorites on Flickr:

johanna's 4|a million stars, some camelia petals and an orchid. always love her shots from the flower market.
Matty Mo's Single Threat. an old one, but I recently came across it again and I still love it. Isaac is one of my favoritest cats ever.
Gayla's Point Lobo (pelicans). just beautiful.
artelisa's the curtain will rise at 8. love the colors and the simplicity.
Supercapacity's bride. great Holga shot.

This one is another favorite from last week. A beautiful baby and photograph.

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