Friday, February 2

News Item #2

Will and I are moving to Santa Fe! At the end of April! (Yes, that's less than THREE months from now. Good lord.) And I apologize for not reporting this item sooner, I just kept putting it off for no good reason. (Because it is not a secret by any means.) It's going to be a huge change for us and we're looking forward to it. The actual moving part...well, not looking forward to that part so much, but I am excited about heading back west.

So a lot of what I have been doing lately, like shredding all my old files and cleaning out closets, is all because of the upcoming move. Moving to Santa Fe is practically like moving back to New York City as far as real estate goes and our apartment in Santa Fe is...well, it's not a three-story, four bedroom house with a basement and garage for starters. It's a two-bedroom apartment. So we have to downsize our belongs quite a bit. Initially this made me panic, but now I am looking at it as yet another way to have something of a fresh start. A challenge. Don't get me wrong, I am a pack rat, through and through, so I'll be moving plenty. But I am doing my best to put some of my sentiment aside as I start to clean and pack.

For those of you who don't know, I grew up in Santa Fe, but I have not lived there since I was 18. I went to NYU for two years, then finished school at UNM and lived in Albuquerque for 4 years before moving to Pittsburgh. I lived in the Northeast for the past 12 years. Santa Fe has changed a lot since I was 18! And I have changed too. So yeah, even with the annual visit, living there again is going to be a totally new experience. I am super excited about being near my family again. I miss them greatly and it will be so wonderful to be able to be a bigger part the lives of my nieces and nephews. I've missed seeing them grow up so much! A visit once a year just doesn't cut it.

We are also looking forward to more sunshine, mountains and green chile! I love Pittsburgh, and I will always have Pittsburgh in my heart. Always. I love the rivers, the architecture, the people and sometimes even the gray days. Oh and let's not forget the Steelers! Football season just won't be the same, but thanks to satellite television, we won't be missing any of the games. Over the years, Pittsburgh has really become my home. It is just not where we want to spend the rest of our lives. Santa Fe might not be that place either, but we want to give it a shot.

So there you go. I have more to say on this topic and I am sure it will spill out over the next couple of months. And some of the spillage will probably be stress because not matter how excited we are, moving in and of itself is a major cause of stress. And this time we're not moving 400 miles but closer to 2000 miles away! The cats are going to LOVE that drive.

Stay warm this weekend and have fun!

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  1. uh oh, does this mean Rocky won't be able to go outside anymore? i'll send him Mr Bones' "fat" clothes.

    also i apologize that all i ever talk about is your cat and his relative fatness. i find it liberating somehow.


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