Monday, January 22

weekend review

Hello! Time for another weekend review. I had a very long day at the office on Friday. It felt like I was there for a week all in one day. So I was quite happy when I finally got to head home. I rounded up the gentlemen and we headed out for an early Friday at Gooski's yet again (picking up Bloody along the way). Blazzzer served us up some tasty wings and steak sandwiches and then Steve and Bloody headed to the ping pong table.

After a few rounds of ping pong and picture-taking, we headed back home. I ended up retiring fairly early, leaving the others to play Mexican Train. Good times.

I woke up at the crack of dawn on Saturday and was super productive all morning, catching up on laundry and running errands. (A quick aside: the dryer repair man came over last Thursday and he was so funny. When he came up from the basement with Will, he mentioned that he had a cat that looks like Simon but without the white. Then he whips a stack of Polaroid pictures out of his jacket pocket and starts showing us pictures of his cat, a possum, and his property. It was hilarious. I never would have pegged him as a cat lover muchless a cat lover with Polaroid photos in his pocket! He was quite entertaining.) That afternoon I backed up all the data on my hard drive, all the while taking care of little things because the backing up part takes forever. I felt great about getting so much done. Oh and CC stopped over that day too! It was good to catch up with him a bit.

On Sunday I was up at the crack of dawn once again, taking care of various little tasks. The days feel extra long when I get up so early on the weekend. It's nice. Later that afternoon Bloody came over and we drank some delicious prosecco while awaiting kick-off time. Yes, another football Sunday. Bloody brought over Tater Tot Hash to go with our Firecrackers (jalapeƱos stuffed with herbed cream cheese and wrapped in bacon). You certainly can't go wrong with tater tots, sausage, spinach and cheese! The Firecrackers ended up tasty but rather unsightly. There actually isn't a photo in the cookbook, but I envisioned something beautiful. Perfect jalapeƱos wrapped in crisp bacon. Well, the bacon never crisped properly and everything sort of fell apart. I think next time around we'll change a few things and make them look pretty. But hey, at least they tasted good and we were really psyched to try a recipe out of the bacon cookbook. Granted, my stomach is probably going to be happy when football is over. The snacking definitely gets to me sometimes.

I won't go on too much about the games, but I'll say that I was sad but not heartbroken to see the Saints lose; and I was ecstatic to see the Patriots lose! Who will you be pulling for in the SuperBowl?

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