Monday, January 15

a gray monday


Yes, a gray weekend and a gray Monday. Aren't my post titles so very original?! I took this picture with my cell phone as I was driving to work so you can see how dreary it is here. It is definitely wearing me down. Yesterday I kept trying to get things done, but I really didn't do much of anything besides knit and watch football. (And at the end of the evening, both Will and I were depressed because the Chargers lost to the Pats. I really can't stand the Pats and get so sick of how the media worships them; so having them move on in the play-offs does not make me happy.) I was feeling guilty about my lack of motivation, but Steve pointed out that the gray day was making everyone lazy and that made me feel better. Plus I reminded myself that I am going to be very busy in the coming months so taking a day of relaxation now really isn't a big deal. Today I am not down, but I feel like the weather, if that makes sense. On the bright side, I am meeting Sheryl this evening! I haven't seen her in forever so I am looking forward to it.

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