Wednesday, January 10

Meet Austin

This is Austin. He is six years old and will soon be our nephew. (We will also have two new nieces for a grand total of ten nieces and nephews between our three siblings!) He loves sports - he's on a youth football team and apparently does quite well. And he also loves the great outdoors. On the first day of his visit, he went for a walk in the woods with his soon-to-be-grandfather and talked about little else the rest of the day. The following day, he went on the same walk with me and Will and he remembered just about everything that he had learned the day before. It was very impressive.

I was so happy to be out in the woods and in the sunshine, with my camera in tow. The light on the beech trees was so amazing, I took many, many pictures of the leaves. The light on everything was amazing. I hadn't been taking many photos before for vacation and it felt so good to be inspired again.

There was so much green everywhere too. Pine green and moss green and other plants that I don't know green! Beautiful. The quiet of the woods is so relaxing and so refreshing. And being able to meander along and not worry about needing to be anywhere makes for a lot of photography fun. I was lagging behind quite a bit and Austin finally turned around to check out what was keeping me. He asked Will what I was doing and once he realized I was taking pictures, he kept telling me to take pictures of just about everything.

"Take a picture of that building."

And so I did. He wanted pictures of stumps and rhodedendrens and the creek. He seemed to be intrigued that I actually wanted pictures of these things. It was great. We walked up to the old camp and then down to the end of the dirt road.

It was a good walk. I wish I could take a walk in the woods everyday.

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